Welcome to Theoretically Teddy!

My name is Selvynna and my cat’s name is Teddy. Since he is a cat, he will not be the one working on this blog (typical cat), but I will be sharing our experiences in hopes that other people find it useful or interesting. I plan on sharing our hiking trail experiences in the Vancouver area, as well as gear reviews, tips and guides, and hopefully some interviews with other inspirational cat owners. 

We have an instagram account by the same name, theoretically.teddy. I’ve been posting there for years, but I realized that I always wrote way to much on the instagram posts, and I decided to start a proper blog! People on instagram want to see pretty photos, not read a story.

We moved to Vancouver from Toronto in 2020, and since then we’ve been loving this place! There’s so many hiking trails and beautiful scenery everywhere. We are still fairly new to hiking, as Toronto doesn’t have anything close to the hikes we have here, so my experiences will be more geared towards amateur hikers such as myself.

I also hope to use my experiences and tips to inspire more people to bring their cats outside on a leash. Teddy is always on a leash when we are outside. It’s not as difficult as people think! It just takes some planning and preparation to get them comfortable.

Teddy on the summit of Black Mountain

I hope this sounds like an interesting blog that you’d be interested in subscribing to! I plan on posting every Wednesday. (Let’s see how that works out!)

You can connect with me here in the comments or on my instagram, @theoretically.teddy. If you came here from my instagram, thank you for checking it out! 

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