We are Teddy (the cat) and Selvynna (the human) and we live in Vancouver, BC Canada. We hope to inspire more cat owners to bring their cats with them on vacation and adventures instead of leaving them at home. You will find tips and guides for bringing a cat with you on your travels!

Adventure Cat Training Guides

We often get a lot of questions asking about how I started taking Teddy outside, and how I trained him to do everything he does. To make it easier to find information, I’ve put together a series of guides to help you!

Teddy’s Gear List & Reviews

I put together a list of everything we use and where to buy them! If you want to know exactly what we use, you can check out Teddy’s Gear List!

Travel Guides

Everything about cat friendly stays, places to bring your cat, and other recommendations! Check out our Travel Guides for trip inspiration with your cat!

Blog Posts

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Latest from the blog

Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Carrier Review

When I was trying to find a carrier for my cat that could fit on canadian airlines, I was having a hard time finding one that would fit on the plane because most carriers have a height of 11″, but Air Canada has a height restriction of 10.5″, and Westjet has a height restriction of…

How to Leash Train a Cat

Getting your cat used to a harness and leash comes useful in so many situations, beyond taking them on a walk! It can provide extra security if you need to bring them outside the house for any reason, so its a good idea to harness and train your indoor cats too. Of course, the main…

Best Travel Litter Boxes in 2023

One of the realities of bringing your cat on your travels, is they need a litter box. Most cats have good litter box habits and will try to go where appropriate, but when they gotta go, they gotta go. This is why it is important to prepare a litter box for them in advance to…


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