Map – Cat Friendly BC

Finding new locations to explore with our cat friends can be a little challenging, especially if we are not sure what to expect. I wanted to make cat exploring more accessible for everyone, so I set up an open source survey and map, where other cat parents can recommend places to visit, or easily find places recommended by others.

Cat specific information is included on this map, including whether the location is stroller friendly, and how busy it is or how many dogs we might expect to see there.

This map is based in British Columbia, Canada. We also have a Facebook Group BC Adventure Cats which is open to anyone to join, but posts are most relevant mainly to the cats in the BC area.

View the Map here: Cat Friendly BC Map

Enter a new suggestion for Things to Do here: Recommendations: Cat Friendly BC

Enter a new suggestion for Where to Stay here: Cat Friendly Accommodations

If you’ve entered a new suggestion, thank you! Please also leave a comment to tell me, so that I can update the map. This is a manual process for now.

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