Best Jackets for Cats

Winter is approaching (if not already here), and here are some recommendations for cat jackets. Most of them (except one) are unfortunately dog jackets, but they are still better than nothing.

Quick summary:

  1. RC Pets Baseline Fleece
  2. RC Pets Drift Kitty Coat
  3. Hurrta Extreme Warmer

Let’s first address some commonly asked questions about cats and jackets.

Does my cat need a jacket?

This answer entirely depends on how cold it gets, and how warm your cat’s fur keeps them. In general, if you notice your cat shivering, then they are too cold. Indoor cats are less acclimatized to the outdoor temperatures, and will usually need a jacket. Most shorthair cats won’t be warm enough, while some of the fluffier breeds like Siberian cats may be okay.

Note: When the temperatures are really cold, or when its wet or windy, no jacket is going to keep your cats warm. They help a little, but they don’t cover the entire body like with human jackets. On these frigid days, please keep your cats at home.

What if my cat hates clothes?

If your cat is not used to wearing clothes, then its very normal for them to freeze up or roll over when you first put it on. You can train them in small steps to accept the jacket – first try a collar, then when they’re used to it, try a harness, then a vest style harness, then a jacket. Each time you can encourage them to move around with a toy or treats, until they forget the jacket is even on. If your cat absolutely despises wearing jackets, and they’re not outdoors much over winter anyways, then don’t force them into wearing it – I think this goes without saying!

Where does the harness go?

The harness goes on as usual, underneath any jackets you put on. This way, you can remove jacket layers if it gets warm. Also, when I tried to put the harness over a layer of clothing, the harness came off easily, so there is a greater chance of the cat escaping. Your cat should always be in a harness, even when they are wearing jackets. All of my cat’s jackets have a small hole where you would clip the leash on. I always look for jackets with the leash hole, or if its a material I can easily cut a small hole in.

Now let’s move onto my cat jacket recommendations! He is a 12lb cat for reference.

RC Pets Baseline Fleece

The RC Pets Baseline Fleece should be a staple in every cat’s wardrobe! It fits relatively nicely, despite being designed for dogs, and can be worn alone for milder days, or layered under heavier jackets for colder days. I like how it covers most of the chest and fits snuggly against the body.

– Has leash hole
– Lightweight but good coverage

– Not waterproof, may need to be layered under another jacket for colder climates

Teddy’s size: 12

RC Pets Drift Kitty Coat

The RC Pets Drift Kitty Coat is the first ever jacket designed specifically for cats (from a pet brand)! It is very similar to the RC Pets Cascade Jacket which I previously also used, but longer in the back.

– Designed for cats so has a longer length
– Has zip / adjustable leash hole
– Waterproof, fleece lined

– Not the warmest option so will need to be layered on cold days (perfect with the RC Pets Baseline Fleece)

Teddy’s size: L

Hurrta Extreme Warmer

The Hurrta Extreme Warmer has been my go to for cold winter days. It provides more insulation and coverage, and seems to fit cats better than most dog jackets. I layer this over the RC Pets Baseline Fleece for extra warmth.

– Longer length than usual dog jackets
– Built-in neck scarf that can cover ears
– Reflective inner lining to keep pets warm

– Not the most waterproof for when its actively snowing
– Can be a little wide on the back legs, as it is designed to wrap around the tail but isn’t quite long enough for my cat

Teddy’s size: 12

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