Best Cat Backpacks 2022

Ah another article about backpack reviews! There are so many options and yet none are the *perfect* backpack. Regardless, read on to see which I recommend and use for my own cat!


Petsfit Backpack

Petsfit Backpack

The Petsfit Backpack wins the all-rounder category. This backpack is good for almost any scenario your cat might find themselves in, including city adventures, short hikes, vet visits, and roadtrips.

Tip: make sure to get the version with the two side pockets! They are so useful to keep your personal items and extra treats in!


The design of this backpack is the very versatile. There is a front entry for cats who like to curl up and stick their head out, and a top entry for cats who like to stand and peek over your shoulder. The flat top of this backpack is also very sturdy, and good for cats who like to sit on top of the backpack itself.

The only thing I find lacking is a bottle holder – I would prefer to have somewhere to slide my bottle in. With this backpack, I would have to store my water bottle in the main compartment and my cat will just have to make space.


I find this backpack above average on the comfort scale, as it has a padded back and there are no hard points digging into my back. However, this is not a hiking backpack by any stretch, so don’t expect to find it comfortable after carrying your cat for hours.

For the cat inside, it seems to be very comfortable. There is a flat bottom and it is shaped perfectly for a cat to curl up. The sturdiness of the backpack also allows them to feel more secure, instead of the walls collapsing in on them.

Who would I recommend this backpack to?

If you are buying your first cat backpack, and are overwhelmed by the options, I would definitely recommend this one over the other amazon alternatives. If you already have a similar backpack and are an advanced cat walker, then there may be other backpacks with more features for your needs.

The Petsfit Backpack is available on for $66.99 USD.

Navigator Backpack

The Navigator Backpack by Travel Cat, or Your Cat Backpack, wins the most features category. This backpack is an upgrade in both price and functionality. However, there are still imperfections.


Like the Petsfit, the Navigator has a similar front and top entry design, which is the most versatile. In addition, this backpack has a large zippered pocket, two elastic bottle holders, and one interior laptop sleeve (which can be used as a water bladder pocket). The extra pockets have been so handy when going on longer adventures, especially the bottle holders! The interior of the backpack is also very spacious, and slightly larger than the Petsfit.

However, I do have a few complaints with this backpack. First of all, the back panel of the backpack is curved and therefore digs into my back near by tailbone, making it less comfortable than the basic Petsfit backpack design. Second, the backpack frame is slightly flexible, and when the backpack is on the ground, and my cat decides to sit on top of it, it will sometimes buckle and fall over. When carrying the backpack on my back, it slants downwards instead of being parallel to the ground, so the cat has to work a little to stay on.


The comfort of this backpack is only average. Because the backpack is wider, the weight of the cat causes more of a cantilever effect, like it’s pulling you backwards. The straps are average in terms of comfort, and the curved shape of the backpack digs into my lower back. I feel tired more quickly when carrying my cat in this backpack.

For the cat, this backpack is spacious and the interior is padded for extra comfort. The flat bottom provides a comfortable spot for the cat to curl up.

Who would I recommend this backpack to?

If you have a bit of extra money to spare and want a backpack with more features, then this might be the backpack for you. If you are a beginner and are not sure if your cat will even accept the backpack, then there are cheaper alternatives to test it out with.

The Navigator Backpack is available on Your Cat Backpack for $149.99 USD.

Kurgo G-Train

Kurgo G-Train Backpack

The Kurgo G-Train backpack wins best for hiking. The storage space is a necessity for long days outdoors, and shape of the backpack allows for a little more comfort over the boxy shaped backpacks. However, due to the design of the backpack, I would recommend this only to cats who are experienced with a backpack, who can get in and out easily.


This backpack is shaped more like a regular backpack than a cat backpack. It has a front opening for where the cat can enter the backpack. Because of this, some cats may not like the backpack as much. The backpack also does not have a stable top surface for cats who prefer sitting on top, but an advanced shoulder sitter will still be able to perch on top. The backpack has padded straps for comfort, but carrying a 12lb cat will get heavy no matter what. Where this backpack really shines is the storage space. It has bottle holder pockets on either side, a large laptop compartment separate from the main cat compartment, and additional places to strap your gear to.

The major downside I found with this backpack is because of the flexible structure, it can be difficult to place the cat inside. For a cat who is resisting going inside, its almost impossible to force them. Whereas with the more structured backpacks, it a little easier to lower them inside even when the cat is resisting.


I found this backpack more comfortable than the alternatives, due to the padded straps and back. However, it is still a cat backpack, and not really comparable to a proper hiking backpack. For short walks it is fine, but for longer hikes, you will definitely feel the weight of your cat.

For the cat, the space is larger than it looks, and it does have a sturdy base. But as the backpack has flexible sides, it can collapse around the cat. Especially if you have a lot of bulkier items in the storage, it does cut into the cat’s space. I don’t think cats mind this though, and they probably like being somewhere lumpy.

Who would I recommend this backpack to?

I would recommend this backpack to anyone looking to go on longer hikes with their cats, and need more storage space for extra hiking gear. I would probably not recommend this for a beginner adventure cat or someone who spends most of their time in the city.

The Kurgo G-Train is available on for $181.99 CAD.

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