Best Cat Leashes 2022

Leashes are not the most technical piece of gear and people often don’t put much thought into it. Some harnesses even come with a leash, and people find themselves just using whatever leash it came with. But, there are some different leashes with features that may make your life easier! Keep reading to find out more about my recommendations for cat leashes.

Quick Summary:

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Best Overall – Biothane Leash

Biothane is a type of waterproof material that is used for leashes, because it is heavy duty, premium feeling, and easy to clean. After going through a muddy walk, you can easily wipe off the dirt on the leash. I switched to Biothane earlier this year and it is now my go-to leash! Biothane is sold by many online small businesses, either from etsy or online stores. For cats, a 3/8″ leash will be ideal, with the smallest hardware available to keep it as light as possible,

Biothane Leash – image from
– Waterproof, easy to clean
– Good for beaches or wet walks
– Heavy duty, feels very sturdy
– Doesn’t snag on bushes
– Lots of colour customizations
– On the heavy side
– More expensive
Teddy’s biothane leash – custom size from

Where to buy:

Best for Lightweight – Nylon Leash

The nylon leash is the most basic type of leash and most pet brands sell this type of leash. I personally used a nylon leash for a few years before upgrading to biothane. It is very lightweight, low cost, and comes in many colours and styles. A 3/8″ leash is ideal for cats.

Nylon Leash – image from Rc pets
– Low cost
– Lightweight
– Many colours and lengths to choose from
– Soggy when wet
– Snags on branches and bushes
Teddy’s nylon leash – from RC Pets

Where to buy:

Best for Freedom – Retractable Leash

Retractable leashes are best to be used for kittens or cats who like to sprint, and with cats who wear the H harness (so it does not put as much pressure on their necks). This type of leash provides the most freedom for the cat, but as a result, you don’t have as much control over them. I used the retractable leash more when my cat was a kitten, and I don’t use it anymore.

Flexi Leash – image from

There are a few downsides to the retractable leash. A few cats have been spooked and bolted away when their owners accidentally dropped the leash as it is a large plastic object. Some people have concerns with the thin cord snapping or breaking away from the handle. And lastly, some people have gotten rope burn from grabbing the thin cord to stop the cat going somewhere, as the leash handle provides very little control. Dog owners also think that retractable leashes causes disobedience in poorly trained dogs, but this is less of a concern with cats.

– Gives the cat the most freedom
– Long range
– Don’t have to deal with holding a long length of leash
– Large handle to carry
– Poor control over cat
– Gets tangled in bushes easily due to long leash length
– Dropping the handle may startle your cat
– Sudden stop at the end of the leash length
– Rope burn when grabbing thin cord
– Risk of leash breaking away from the handle
Teddy’s retractable leash – from Flexi

Where to buy:

As with most cat gear, its important to try the different options out and see which one works best for you and your cat. Good luck!

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