Living in a Small Space With a Cat

Cats don’t need a large space and its possible to have a happy cat in a small space, as long as you make sure to give them everything they need! I personally live in a small one bedroom apartment with my cat, and I use these tricks to make sure my cat is the happiest he can be, while also keeping my apartment relatively clear of clutter.

Make sure they have a window view

Cats LOVE looking out the window, especially if they can see birds or people or even cars driving past. If you have a window sill, make sure it isn’t blocked off so they can jump up whenever they want. If there is no window ledge, you can get a window bed attached by suction cups.

Cat Hammock Window Bed on Amazon (image from Amazon)

Add some vertical wall space

No space for a cat tree? Install some wall shelves instead! I got these inexpensive wall shelves from Ikea, and then glued some carpet on top for some traction.

Burhult Wall Shelves from Ikea (Image from Ikea)

Get a table leg scratching mat

No space for a scratching post? These Ikea scratching mats wrap around table legs, and instantly transform your table into a scratching post! They are great to take travelling as well.

Lurvig Scratching Mat from Ikea (Image from Ikea)

Hang your accessories

I use the most of my vertical space by hanging all the cat litter accessories including the scoop, litter bag, and dustpan. This saves a lot of storage space!

Hanging litter box accessories

You don’t need cat beds

I find that my cat tends to avoid cat beds that I buy for him anyways, so I don’t buy cat beds anymore. If your cat loves beds, then ignore this and you should get some!

Shoe racks work as cat beds

You don’t need cat toys and puzzles

I find that my cat doesn’t really like to play with the toys from the pet store, and instead has the most fun with a bit of string from a package, or the paper packaging that comes in shipping boxes. If your cat likes toys, then ignore this and you should get them their favourite toys!

As for food puzzles, I used to own quite a few, but I found that a scrunched up blanket works just as well to hide toys and keep them busy for a while.

Spend lots of time with your cat

Since your cat has less space to roam and explore, they may get bored easily. You should plan to spend lots of time with them, and interact with them. You should give them your full attention and not watch tv while playing with them, for example! (I’m definitely guilty of this.)

Bring them on walks!

My last tip to you would be to harness and leash train your cat, so you can take them out for walks! This is the best way to entertain your cat, and it gives them some sense of freedom as well.

Taking my cat for a walk

You can learn more about why I started taking my cat on walks here: Why I Started Cat Exploring

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