How to Start Camping With Your Cat

If you are thinking about taking your cat camping for the first time, but you’re not sure what you need, or how to start, this is the place for you! Personally, I think camping with your cat is a great activity to do with your cats, since it involves a lot of hanging around theContinue reading “How to Start Camping With Your Cat”

Living in a Small Space With a Cat

Cats don’t need a large space and its possible to have a happy cat in a small space, as long as you make sure to give them everything they need! I personally live in a small one bedroom apartment with my cat, and I use these tricks to make sure my cat is the happiestContinue reading “Living in a Small Space With a Cat”

Cat Backpack Training

A cat backpack is the bread and butter of cat adventures. I highly recommend anyone with an adventure cat to bring a cat backpack with you at all times. Keep reading to learn more! If you’re looking for cat backpack options, here is a list of backpack reviews My personal recommendation is the Petsfit backpack,Continue reading “Cat Backpack Training”

How to Trip Plan – With a Cat

One common question I get is how to find places to go with my cat. This is an excellent question, and its often too long to explain without an entire blog post. So please continue reading on to find out more! What to know before heading out? Driving Distance The distance, or time it willContinue reading “How to Trip Plan – With a Cat”

Instagram Influencer Guide

In this post I will be talking about my personal experience as a “Micro-Influencer” on Instagram with 10k+ followers. Jump to: How to find brands to work with How sponsored posts work How much to charge Tips and Advice Canada specific info Final Thoughts How to Find Brands to Work With Brand reaches out TheContinue reading “Instagram Influencer Guide”

Recall and Off-Leash in Cats

What is “recall”? Recall is a fancy dog training term for your pet coming to you when you call them.  Can cats learn recall? Yes, they can, BUT… It will never be 100% reliable. If there is something of higher importance (for example, a bird they’re hunting, or a dog who’s scaring them), they willContinue reading “Recall and Off-Leash in Cats”

Staying at a Hotel or Airbnb (With a Cat)

If you are going on an overnight trip somewhere with your cat, chances are you’ll be looking at staying at a hotel or airbnb. This guide will go over how to book a pet friendly room, and preparations for an overnight stay. Jump to: Booking the hotel What to bring to the hotel Staying atContinue reading “Staying at a Hotel or Airbnb (With a Cat)”