How to Leash Train a Cat

Getting your cat used to a harness and leash comes useful in so many situations, beyond taking them on a walk! It can provide extra security if you need to bring them outside the house for any reason, so its a good idea to harness and train your indoor cats too. Of course, the mainContinue reading “How to Leash Train a Cat”

Cat Backpack Training

A cat backpack is the bread and butter of cat adventures. I highly recommend anyone with an adventure cat to bring a cat backpack with you at all times. Keep reading to learn more! If you’re looking for cat backpack options, here is a list of backpack reviews My personal recommendation is the Petsfit backpack,Continue reading “Cat Backpack Training”

Train Your Cat to Walk on a Leash

So you’ve already gotten your cat used to a harness and leash. Now you’re ready to head outside for walks! Read this guide for tips and considerations on how to train your cat to go on walks. Disclaimer: All cats are different and individuals, so what works for one cat may not work for anotherContinue reading “Train Your Cat to Walk on a Leash”

Recall and Off-Leash in Cats

What is “recall”? Recall is a fancy dog training term for your pet coming to you when you call them.  Can cats learn recall? Yes, they can, BUT… It will never be 100% reliable. If there is something of higher importance (for example, a bird they’re hunting, or a dog who’s scaring them), they willContinue reading “Recall and Off-Leash in Cats”

Outdoor Potty Guide

In this guide you will (hopefully) learn everything you need to know about going potty while adventuring! Most indoor cats are used to using a litter box with a specific type of litter, and can be particular about it. Cats will generally pee 2 – 4 times a day, and poop once a day, dependingContinue reading “Outdoor Potty Guide”