Best Jackets for Cats

Winter is approaching (if not already here), and here are some recommendations for cat jackets. Most of them (except one) are unfortunately dog jackets, but they are still better than nothing. Quick summary: Let’s first address some commonly asked questions about cats and jackets. Does my cat need a jacket? This answer entirely depends onContinue reading “Best Jackets for Cats”

Which Carrier Should You Use for Airline Travel?

If you are looking to fly with your cat, the best option is to bring them on board in the cabin, under the seat in front of you. Transporting them in the cargo is not recommended as it is stressful for your cat, and there have been a few cases where the cat got lostContinue reading “Which Carrier Should You Use for Airline Travel?”

Best Cat Leashes 2022

Leashes are not the most technical piece of gear and people often don’t put much thought into it. Some harnesses even come with a leash, and people find themselves just using whatever leash it came with. But, there are some different leashes with features that may make your life easier! Keep reading to find outContinue reading “Best Cat Leashes 2022”

Best Cat Backpacks 2022

Ah another article about backpack reviews! There are so many options and yet none are the *perfect* backpack. Regardless, read on to see which I recommend and use for my own cat! Summary: Best all-rounder: Petsfit Most features: Navigator by Travel Cat Best for hikes: Kurgo G-Train Petsfit Backpack The Petsfit Backpack wins the all-rounderContinue reading “Best Cat Backpacks 2022”

Sustainable Cat Litter

Finding a good sustainable cat litter that works for your household and your cat is definitely a journey. It may require you to try several brands to see what works best. I have tried several myself, in the hopes of switching away from the traditional clay litter. Jump to: sWheat Scoop (54% score) Okocat WoodContinue reading “Sustainable Cat Litter”

Apple AirTag Review

The Apple AirTag was released in April 2021, and is marketed at finding items such as keys and backpacks. Although not specifically designed for tracking pets (likely due to liability issues), I have been using it as a pet tracker for the past few months. Prior to the Apple AirTag, I was using the TileContinue reading “Apple AirTag Review”

Teddy’s Harness Recommendations

One of the most common questions I get is for harness recommendations. In this post I will review all the harnesses I have personally tried and can recommend. Before I get started, I have to note that all cats are shaped differently, just like humans, and what works for my cat may not work wellContinue reading “Teddy’s Harness Recommendations”