Travel Litter Box – Accessories to Bring on Your Trip

A travel litter box is not simply a litter box. You need some extra items for cleaning it and packing it away at the end of a trip. Here are some accessories you should bring on your trip along with your travel litter box. Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links.Continue reading “Travel Litter Box – Accessories to Bring on Your Trip”

Best Travel Litter Boxes in 2023

One of the realities of bringing your cat on your travels, is they need a litter box. Most cats have good litter box habits and will try to go where appropriate, but when they gotta go, they gotta go. This is why it is important to prepare a litter box for them in advance toContinue reading “Best Travel Litter Boxes in 2023”

Travel Guide: Toronto, ON

Ultimate guide to cat friendly travel in Toronto, ON, Canada! Toronto is a massive city, with many inner city green spaces, as well as some larger park areas further away from the city. Things to do in the city Harbourfront Sugar Beach, Harbourfront Center, HTO Park, HTO Park West, Toronto Music Garden Toronto’s downtown harbourfrontContinue reading “Travel Guide: Toronto, ON”