Best Travel Litter Boxes in 2023

One of the realities of bringing your cat on your travels, is they need a litter box. Most cats have good litter box habits and will try to go where appropriate, but when they gotta go, they gotta go. This is why it is important to prepare a litter box for them in advance toContinue reading “Best Travel Litter Boxes in 2023”

Best Easy Rainy Day Trails Near Vancouver

If you’ve lived in Vancouver for any amount of time, you’ll know that it rains, a lot! Especially in the winter, the cold and wet days can seem to last forever, but that doesn’t mean that we should just sit at home. Here are some of my favourite gloomy day trails and parks to exploreContinue reading “Best Easy Rainy Day Trails Near Vancouver”

What Happens When You Fly With Your Cat

We’ve flown on planes many times, but with a cat it seems like a totally different experience! It is a little more challenging, and takes a little more time, but I’m here to show you that its not all that difficult! Knowing what to do and expect is half of the anxiety that comes withContinue reading “What Happens When You Fly With Your Cat”

How to Prepare Your Cat for Plane Travel

Flying with a cat is always a little stressful, even for the most experienced cat travelers! We never know how the trip is going to go, and if there will be any mishaps along the way. You can reduce your stress by being prepared and knowing everything you need to know about flying with aContinue reading “How to Prepare Your Cat for Plane Travel”

Best Cat Carrier for Plane Travel

If you are looking to fly with your cat, the best option is to bring them on board in the cabin, under the seat in front of you. Transporting them in the cargo is not recommended as it is stressful for your cat, and there have been a few cases where the cat got lostContinue reading “Best Cat Carrier for Plane Travel”

How to Take a Cat on the BC Ferries

If you live on Vancouver Island, or the Lower Mainland, chances are you’ll someday want to take the BC Ferries to travel. Good news, it is fairly simple to take a cat on the ferries, (if you are driving your own vehicle). Keep reading to find out more. Pet Policies There are no pet fees.Continue reading “How to Take a Cat on the BC Ferries”

Travel Guide: Toronto, ON

Ultimate guide to cat friendly travel in Toronto, ON, Canada! Toronto is a massive city, with many inner city green spaces, as well as some larger park areas further away from the city. Things to do in the city Harbourfront Sugar Beach, Harbourfront Center, HTO Park, HTO Park West, Toronto Music Garden Toronto’s downtown harbourfrontContinue reading “Travel Guide: Toronto, ON”