Travel Cat The Navigator Cat Backpack Review

If you’ve been researching backpacks for your cat, chances are you’ve come across The Navigator Backpack from the brand Travel Cat. This is one of the few pet backpacks designed with cats in mind, marketed towards hikers and outdoor lovers. However, it does come with a premium price tag. So is the Navigator Backpack worthContinue reading “Travel Cat The Navigator Cat Backpack Review”

Apple AirTag for Cat Tracking – Review

The Apple AirTag was released in April 2021, and is marketed at finding items such as keys and backpacks. Although not specifically designed for tracking pets (likely due to liability issues), I have been using it as a pet tracker for the past few months. Prior to the Apple AirTag, I was using the TileContinue reading “Apple AirTag for Cat Tracking – Review”

Car Setup for Cats

Going on road trips with your cat is the best way to transport your cat from your home to your outdoor destinations. Figuring out the best way for the to travel by car is important, for everyone’s safety and enjoyment. This article will outline the various options you have for car travel with your cat(s).Continue reading “Car Setup for Cats”