Crate Training for Cats – With Frankie

Today’s post is written by @henrythebully on instagram. They share a lot of their experiences with training their dog Henry, as well as their cat Frankie. I have seen a lot of trained cats, but Frankie is the first crate trained cat I have come across. From @henrythebully: “ I took what I knew fromContinue reading “Crate Training for Cats – With Frankie”

Celeste the Space Ship Kitty

Today’s guest, Jacqueline, unintentionally adopted a cat when she found an abandoned cat in the iconic hot pink spaceship bubble backpack. Read on to learn more about how they found Celeste, and how this doggy family has adapted to life with a cat! (@myspoiledpups on instagram) Can you tell us a little more about howContinue reading “Celeste the Space Ship Kitty”

Meet Basil! From Thought Crimes at Home to Superstar on the Leash

Bengal cats are known for being energetic, wild, and intelligent! Today’s guest is @basil.goes (and his owner Corinne) who is one of the hyperactive cats I’ve ever seen, even compared to other Bengal cats! What is Basil’s personality like? Does he require a lot of attention? Hah, strong start. Long answer short, yes – heContinue reading “Meet Basil! From Thought Crimes at Home to Superstar on the Leash”

Maui’s Story – “Aggressive” Cat to Adventure Cat

We first met Maui on instagram under the now deleted account @wild.mauii. We chatted briefly through Maui’s human’s personal account. I thought that Maui’s story is incredible and touching and wanted to share with you all. Thank you Roxanne for agreeing to this interview! Can you tell us a little about Maui’s and what kindContinue reading “Maui’s Story – “Aggressive” Cat to Adventure Cat”